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Ekta...check this list!


I'm tracking down a bug in my last EKTA shipment...no, your computer won't
blow up!  I was trying to track down what happened with Phil Roses' disc
and then today I also got a email from another lister. So, I have a hunch
why some disks didn't arrive (it has to do with postage).

Check this list, if your name IS on it, and you HAVEN'T gotten your disc,
email me!  (Phil, Geo...I got you guys).

While I'm at it, if you were SUPPOSED to get a disc in the past week, and
haven't...Email me!

I've got a slip to pick up a package from the residence front desk...call
it a hunch, but I shouldn't have bought the next size envelope when I ran

Okay, the list:

Steve Eiche
Stev Burke
G. Mills
Eric Harten
Chris Ritchie
Joel Osserman
Gary Steinbru
Avi Wallace
Phil Tuomala
Lief Pederson
Tod Phenneger (sorry 'bout the last name...going by memory on that one!)
Phil Rose
Rich Beels (ditto last name)
Don who lives on Park Ave
Wolff Bloss


SAVE MY BUTT!!!  If ANYBODY has Filemaker Pro 4.1 running on a Power
Macintosh, and wouldn't mind converting a database...EMAIL ME!!!  (thanks)