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Re: Wheel offsets

Peter Schulz wrote:

> Can someone expalin to me how stock wheel offset is affected
> when going to a plus 1 fitment?

These are independent of each other.

> The Borbets that tire rack sent me where spec.'d at ET 35,
> which is correct for the stock sedan fitment, but the CQ
> stock fitment is ET37.

The sedan is 45mm.

> does the ET change when going from 15 inch to 16 inch
> and 7 to 7.5 widths?

The stock Speedline wheel for the CQ is 15x7, ET 37mm. So if you have a
16x7.5, ET 35, theoretically, the wheel will stick out 8mm more than the
Speedlines (37-35+6). The 6mm is derived from the extra 0.5 inch divided
by 2. This assumes that the extra width is added equally to the inside
and outside of the wheel (likely). You can always confirm this with a
straight edge and a measuring tape when the tires are unmounted.

> I assume that it should when going to a wider rim, to prevent
> that "low rider" wheels sticking out of the fender look.

Ideally, the offset should get numerically larger when going to a wider
rim to prevent this. But there are limitations, such as interference
with suspension components. If I had a choice, I would try and keep the
offset as close to stock as possible.


Sean Douglas
Surrey, BC
1990 90Q 20V
1992 VW Passat GL