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yuppie scum

We can drop the reference now.  Here's my story though.

The other day I had to fly to VA for the day, so at 5:30AM I
was driving down the local parkway.  Lumina in left lane at
60ish, polite flash, no move.  I waited until I could get around
him and as I went by gave him a good look at my high beams.
The moron decides to start tailing me with his highs on.
I wasn't in the mood so I tapped my brakes, causing him to careen off 
to the side like I had shot him.
He then proceeds to follow me at a distance, with his brights 
still on.  
"I'll fix him" I figured.  Cranked it up to 110 (light morning
traffic) and lost him, slowed down to 75 in the middle lane 
once I could no longer see him.  The jerk comes back, same
crap, this time in the left lane.
I had to pass the guy in front of me, he wouldn't let me into
the left lane, and I didn't want to pass on the right, so I 
jam my brakes hard so I can get behind Mr.Tool in the left
lane.  This time he brakes too and goes off onto the left
shoulder, then back into traffic.
I finally gave up looking in the mirror and ignored him
(his highs still on though) until my exit, but was so unsettled
by all this that I actually drove to the wrong airport.
Then, I had to spend the rest of the day worrying that this 
tool was going to trace my plate and come harass my wife
while I was away.

I'm seriously thinking about fitting 007 type accesories to
the CQ.  Oil slick should take care of tailgates, front mounted
machine gun would be nice though...
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