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Re: buying an audi...

From: groove <groove@neo.rr.com>
>i've been lurking on this prolific little list for a little over a month,
>as i've been contemplating an audi purchase.
Very smart, IMHO.  One learns a lot from this list.

>in the meantime, could anyone out there point me to some useful car
>classifieds on the net?  i've searched around and i think i found some of
>the obvious ones, but with little success tracking down audis specifically.
>even general auto links that aren't carpoint would be appreciated.

For my lurk to purchase set of web sites, I had:

The last two were much more dynamic, they belong to the local Seattle paper,
and a Bay Area California paper.  I found the national ones, the first
three, to be generally higher in price.  You may be able to find a local
paper with electronic classifieds.  Your best bet is to buy local.


Bernard Littau
Woodinville, WA
'88 5kcstq