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Re: Lloyd's mats - cheap source?

Glen:  I got my mats from German Parts and Restoration.  About $85 for
the set.  I have not been pleased however, as Lloyd's can't match the
Audi pattern exactly.  The mounting holes are off,, resulting in the
driver's mat skewing to the left.  I sent the mats back to them three
times, and they still could not get it right.  I even sent the original
mat for them to use as a template.  Nice people, but I would not buy
from them again.  I recall a lister bought some mats from Linda at
Carlsen for a very good price.  I think that would be your best bet.

Glen_Powell@ne.3com.com wrote:
> Anyone know of a cheap source for Lloyd's mats? Blau is like $110 and I can
> almost always beat their prices....
> Please respond directly,
> Thanks,
> -glen