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Re: Apologies offered (was Re: Still waiting for payment...)

  Ian wrote:
  >I think I might owe some people appologies as well. i believe
  >that i might have promised some fellow listeners some parts
  >from my 4k. however I do not recall who they were or what I
  >offered. My short term memory is starting to come back,
  >however i still have a hard time remembering things. damn
  >concussion. but if i offered you something please email me 
  >to remind me. 
  We all have different abilities to remember things.
  I suggest that you adopt the habit of carrying a notepad, tape 
  recorder, or electronic organizer so you can quickly capture 
  things you want to remember.
  At a bare minimum, I keep a pad in my 5kcstq to allow me to 
  capture fleeting ideas which occur during spells of mental 
  clarity afforded me by driving a car I truly enjoy. 
  (mandatory Audi content)
  Works for me - at least that's how I remember it working.
  Eric R. Kissell
  1986 5kcstq, 1.8 bar