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Re: A2 Rally Car

>I've been contacted by someone in the bay area that has bought an ex->Stig
Blomqvist A2 (chassis IN-YJ-81).  The car's history is that it >competed in
the 1984 Safari and won the 1984 1000 Lakes rally in >Finland. 

>Dave said:
>I have gone through my ur-q book and image library and haven't seen >a
picture of the car. If it is the Blomqvist car you describe the
>documentation. I have shows Blomqvist DNF'd(engine) at Safari and >was 4th
at 1000 Lakes.

According to Jay, the new owner of this A2 rally car, is that it placed 4th
at 1000 Lakes in 1984 with Stig Bloomquist driving, and "competed" in the
Safari in 1984, so that jives with your documentation. The previous report
of it winning at 1000 lakes was incorrect.

The car has an cast iron engine block and cylinder head of unknown origin
at this time. ( May be from an earlier A1 car). It has the Pierburg Fuel
injection system and the other original intake manifold, and intercooler,
etc. along with the carbon fibre intake pipes, radiator shrouds, cam cover

 I woke up one morning, and found this car in my garage.....now I just need
to make it run again.....in time for the August Historics.

If anyone finds any information or photos on this car (1N-YJ-81) , please
forward it to Mark Nelson or myself.

thanks a bunch

Scott Mockry