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Dead Ur-q latest

Current status: Still on critical list

I've fitted the new oil pressure sender and now when the engine actually
runs there isn't an oil warning light.

The engine still will only start and run occasionally and will not restart
even if attempted immediately after stopping. This problem appears to be a
volatile - sometimes its there, sometimes it isn't. When the engine wont
start there is no spark at the coil. According to Scott Mockry's diagnostic
instructions, when cranking the engine the "minimum" voltage measured
between pins 2 and 3 of the coil driver module should be 0.2 volts. Thats
the MAXIMUM voltage that I measure, the rest of the time its 0.07 volts
which I consider to be near enough zero.

I've removed and cleaned the flywheel sensors but this doesn't appear to
have made any difference. (I have assumed that the sensor with the grey
cable boots connects to the grey multi-plug).

The ECU chip has a metal foil label with hand written 'E81B7' the '7' is
continental style with the horizontal bar.

Jim Haseltine