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Re: WTB: '90/'91 CQ rear hatch

I'm gonna get irritated if stuff like this keeps happening to persons other than
myself. Seriously, it's hard to believe this is happening to you, and I wish you
all the luck in overcoming the problem.

Mark Nelson wrote:

> Due to possible cosmic shifts, the intelligence quota in the Reno area seems
> to have dropped significantly in the past week.  Last Thursday, I left my
> rear hatch, from the CQ rally car, off at a local glass shop to have the
> rear glass removed (I'm putting in lexan).  Well my dad went back Friday,
> they removed the rear glass, then for some reason, which I still can't and
> won't understand, they had chucked the rest of the hatch in a dumpster
> (which was already emptied by the time we went back)!!!!!!!!   So I have
> this piece of glass but no hatch now!  Once the owner realized what the dumb
> shit had done, he asked my dad how much a replacement was, and when my dad
> told him ~$2K, the guy just about had a heart attack.  They are going to pay
> for it (or I should say the dumb ass that threw it away will be), but I need
> to find another hatch ASAP!!  The car was due to be painted today, but I'm
> not going to paint it until I get a hatch; I'm VERY crunched for time right
> now, as I need to have the car back together next week, for testing on the
> 24/25th, then Rim of the World is the 30th!!   DADS in Rancho Cordova had
> one, but called today and said that there's is damaged and unusable.  They
> supposedly located one in Washington, but won't have it here until Saturday.
> I'm trying to get them expedite it, and get it here by Thursday, but I don't
> have anything for sure.  The only other hatch I know of is at Shokan for
> $1200, plus $425 for shipping, and that would take 10 days to get here,
> which is too long right now.  SO, does ANYBODY know of a complete '90/'91 CQ
> rear hatch assembly, or even if it's missing some pieces, I don't care as
> these bozos are going to eat the cost of it.  PLEASE let me know ASAP; the
> car is primed and ready for paint, but I need the hatch to paint it.  TIA
> for any and all help!!  I've calmed down considerably from the weekend, but
> I end up getting rather PO'd  whenever I think about this.
> Regards,
> -Mark Nelson
> mailto:tahoe@msn.com
> 775.772.4485 (any time!)
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