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AC/Heat woes


The HVAC system in my '95 S6 is screwed up.  Checking the self-diagnosis
channels, channel 1 reports error 08.5.  According to Bentley, this
translates to "temperature regulator, static block".

Symptoms:  At start, AC would not come in unless the set point was reduced
to "Min".  Heat would be put out even when the day was above 80 degrees F
and the car was hot from sitting in the sun.  Now, there is no heat, only
AC (if switched on).  This made for an unpleasant drive Monday from DC back
to southern WV.  We nearly froze our tushes off.

Questions:  What the H does "temperature regulator, static block" mean?
How do I fix it?  I see nothing in Bentley which will even help me identify
the temperature flap, much less telling me what to do about it.

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