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Yet another 'road rage' commentary

Boy, don't we all have some scary stories! I'll give you one in a
I've developed a new attitude about this whole thing, and I find life is
a lot more pleasant. I see and deal with acts of stupidity on my daily
commute (usually women in SUVs..what IS up with that?). New
philosophy--So What? Blocking my lane? Cut in front of me to get to an
exit? So What? I've learned to let it go. Oh sure, I still bitch and
complain to myself how stupid they are and call them obscene names, but
don't gesture, blow the horn, or pull weapons on them. It isn't worth
it. I also find that two minutes later I've forgotten about them and my
blood pressure returns to normal.
The problem, of course, is when they take an active interest in ruining
your day. When they come after YOU for something you allegedly did to
them and won't leave you alone, it's a different story. Hey, sometimes
stuff happens. I pulled out in front of a guy on a ramp that suddenly
ended...wasn't familiar with it and just had no choice. He chased me for
several miles (me in a newer co. car, him in a rotted Nissan
Sentra...how hard do you think he was to lose?). These are the ones
solutions aren't easy for.
My last great brush with rage:
Brand new company car, less than a week old. Climbing a long hill that
has a passing lane, planning my merge at the top of the hill where the
lane ends so that I pass the perceived slowpokes without drama. Have to
keep the 4 cyl in the power band or all is lost. Last vehicle to pass is
a full size Dodge that is a diesel (I can see from the huge tailpipe and
black soot). As I approach his rear bumper I can tell he's suddenly
accelerating, the boost is kicking in. Now, I've been watching him
lumber up this hill for about a quarter mile, there's no one else but me
coming up on him, so he's doing this on purpose. I'm alongside, the lane
is ending, his diesel is clattering like it's ready to erupt and my only
two choices are to give up or ram his door. 
I can say with complete confidence that if I had the OLD co. car I would
have rammed his goddam door.
Luckily, new car smell prevails so I back off, lay on the horn, and
prepare for what I know will be his next move. Yup, soon as I'm behind
him he backs off and cruises at 5mph below the speed limit. Flips me the
bird through the back window. No place to pass. To cap it off, this big
fight for position ends a half mile later when he turns off.
When I was beside him on the hill, I stole a glance at this guy. In his
50s, could probably drop him with one punch, he had an evil grin on his
face like he thought this was hilarious.
This moron also had a personalized tag on his truck. Lucky I'm not the
kind of guy to hold a grudge, find his home and burn it down...
Since then, I've adopted the SO What? attitude. I find I'm much happier.
"Life is too short to drive boring cars."

Dwight Varnes, insurance appraiser and car nut
1970 124 Spider (restored, mostly)
1986 Audi Coupe GT (bigger engine at machine shop)
1989 VW Jetta GLI 16v (the wife's ride, needs restored)
1984 Nissan 4x4 Pickup (rust never sleeps)
1965 Buick Skylark conv. (more fun than you'd think)