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Re: EKTA display setup- was: calling Dave Hord - CD question

> You also need to choose the refresh rate. My 15" monitor with 2MB Hercules
> Stingray card at work barely makes it - at 75Hz the whole screen blinks, at
> 86Hz it's better, but still not very good.


This just blows my mind! It's necessary for me to run at 60hz to get the
1280 x 1024, and yes, I get flicker at that frequency, but anything 70hz
is rock-solid, flicker-free. But then, our A/C line frequency is 60hz,
and the rule always was that screen refresh rates must be faster than line

Does Poland use an A/C line frequency greater than 60hz? If so, I guess
that would explain it. It's either that, or you've got some pretty in-
credible persistance of vision...  

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