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Re: Yet another 'road rage' commentary

One last stab- and I'm done.

Its easy to say "No biggie- I won't let them bother me."

Cars darting in front of you to park in the right lane at the signal
when you need to make a right turn? Cars that leave 2 car-sized gaps
in front of them when you need to squeeze by to get into the left-turn
lane? These are just annoyances that might make me 10 minutes late for
appointments. No biggie.

Try this- every time I get into my car and drive I see cars speeding
anywhere from 10 to 40 mph over the speed limit. These aren't 911s or
Vipers, but Nissans, Escorts, RamVans, Suburbans, Pickups... cars that
haven't seen an inspection sticker since 1988.
And do they play by the 'right-hand, fast lane' rule? No. The only
time I see them pass on the right is in the median. These drivers dart
in-out of traffic at the limits of these cars. All while laying back
in the seat, looking thru the steering wheel.

Every time I stop at a light- 2 to 3 cars will run the red light. I
could understand it if they had a headwound or a heart attack. More
probable? Just following the herd of suburbans and excursions thru a
light? Yes.

And cel phones. I hope they ban the use of these things while driving.
Make the penalty a public stoning with cel phone battery packs.
Last week- a lady yapping on a phone cut me off by a foot. No
surprise, she had the rear view mirrors (ALL) out of whack, likely
aligned to allow her to apply makeup or style her hair.

If events such as this occurred once 4 to 5 times a week, I wouldn't
let it bother me. But this happens to me 4 to 5 times A DAY. How can
anyone expect to keep their cool under these conditions?

Maybe I need to start drinking.
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