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Re: A4 yuppie scum in Boston

In a message dated 99-04-12 17:19:48 EDT, you write:

<< New 
 Jersey refuse to move over to the right after they have passed the person 
 formerly in front of them or and this is my real pet peeve is when they pull 
 into the left lane and pass at a whopping 2.25mph speed difference without a 
 blinker and then stay in the lane. This seems to be done by mainly SUV 
 driving soccer moms talking on cell phone while drinking coffee.   >>

This is either the absolute lack of courtesy or an intentional plot to 
prevent skilled drivers form reaching their destination in a reasonable 
amount of time.  I beat this to death a while ago after a particularly 
frustrating 500 mile trip.  120 mph in broad daylight, and they watch you 
approach in their sideview mirror, waiting until you close within 50 feet.  
Then quickly pull into left lane at 55.2 mph.  Ride along for 5 or 10 minutes 
while pretending to ignore you, then pull back right, sometimes completing 
the pass, sometimes not.  Add their requisite dirty look as you FINALLY pass 
them.  Does this sound familiar to anyone else?  At least it makes for 
frequent, full capability brake tests.

Jim Accordino