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Re: tailpipe/kitty questions

I once knew a girl that wore a beret that could jump-start a car by
)))))))))))))))))) +++disconnected

Brett Dikeman <brett@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net> on 04/14/99 09:25:20 AM

To:   Glen Powell/US/3Com
cc:   Phil Rose <pjrose@servtech.com>, 200q20v@pdikeman.ne.mediaone.net,
Subject:  Re: tailpipe/kitty questions

Yhea, ok, I'll stick my mouth on the tailpipe, right...
How about I just start up the car, cover one side with my hand...if I
can, then tada, it's a single-cavity muffler; at idle, the remaining
exhaust should easily go through the other tip.  If my hand is pushed
away hard or the car starts making funny noises, tada, it's probably
a dual chamber... remembering that our cars are only dual from after
the downpipe...
At 6:49 AM -0400 4/14/99, Glen_Powell@ne.3com.com wrote:
>One....one....one pipe or two...., that is the question!
>Try blowing into one pipe and see if there is flow out the other with
>little or no resistance, if so, then they are likely connected together in
>that rear box. Now wipe that soot off your lips and face! If there is some
>resistance felt then one would need to disconnect the pipe at the cat,
>the pipe at the cat and repeat the test. With the pipe sealed off at the
>cat and zero flow then we do have two isolated systems.
Brett Dikeman
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