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Jamex Strut Bar Install (Ur-q)

I received my strut bar the other day (thanks John) and I have a few 

1.  Did I read in the last couple weeks that the strut tower on the Ur-q is 
double walled?  If that is true is there a space between the walls?  How do 
you go about preventing the two walls from "crushing" inwards?

2.	In all the excitement of getting my new wheels I did not look at the 
underside of the strut tower to see what has to be moved out of the way to 
get to the fasteners for the brace.  Do I have to drop the struts out of the 
towers to get at them.  Will this change the camber?  

3.	I am curious as to how to adjust the bar.  Being a sailor I am very 
use to tuning a boats mast by adjusting the shrouds to change the tension.  I 
would not think that you would want to "preload" the bar.  

Thanks for the info.  It seems that the old Ur-q is going to have a lot of 
new alloy on it by this weekend.

Jim Hahn