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Re: Jamex Strut Bar Install (Ur-q)


> 1.  Did I read in the last couple weeks that the strut tower on the Ur-q is
> double walled?  If that is true is there a space between the walls?  How do
> you go about preventing the two walls from "crushing" inwards?

It is double walled.  Only a small ring holding the strut bearing in place is
where a large space between the sheetmetal exists.  Where you are going to be
drilling there is no space.  You can actually see the spot welds under the
paint.  That's where you can be sure there is no space between the sheetmetal.

> 2.      In all the excitement of getting my new wheels I did not look at the
> underside of the strut tower to see what has to be moved out of the way to
> get to the fasteners for the brace.  Do I have to drop the struts out of the
> towers to get at them.  Will this change the camber?

I got the fasteners in there just by putting the car on blocks and letting the
strut hang (no need to drop it).There should be enough space for you to put a
socket on the bolt.

> 3.  I would not think that you would want to "preload" the bar.

Probably not.
Martin Pajak


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