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Re: Yet another 'road rage' commentary

On Wed, 14 Apr 1999, Dwight Varnes wrote:

]I've developed a new attitude about this whole thing, and I find life is
]a lot more pleasant. I see and deal with acts of stupidity on my daily
]commute (usually women in SUVs..what IS up with that?). New
]philosophy--So What? Blocking my lane? Cut in front of me to get to an
]exit? So What? I've learned to let it go. Oh sure, I still bitch and
]complain to myself how stupid they are and call them obscene names, but
]don't gesture, blow the horn, or pull weapons on them. It isn't worth
]it. I also find that two minutes later I've forgotten about them and my
]blood pressure returns to normal.

	given a recent experience i had, one where i am lucky that
	i am not paying some major long-term consequences, this is
	exactly the approach i have now.  i recomend it, and it's
	good for you dharma.

	also my approach is (and has been) to reward good drivers.
	when someone pulls out of the left lane as i approach, i
	give them a nod and a smile.  if someone signals, i let
	them in, even if that means a minor change in velocity.
	i'll wave people in in very slow, pull-out situations.

]The problem, of course, is when they take an active interest in ruining
]your day. When they come after YOU for something you allegedly did to
]them and won't leave you alone, it's a different story. Hey, sometimes
]stuff happens. I pulled out in front of a guy on a ramp that suddenly
]ended...wasn't familiar with it and just had no choice. He chased me for
]several miles (me in a newer co. car, him in a rotted Nissan
]Sentra...how hard do you think he was to lose?). These are the ones
]solutions aren't easy for.

	pulling out the fone and dialing 911 is my approach for 
	this.  people get killed in these situations, and in the
	end, all i can do by running, or playing along and fighting,
	is to reinforce the system that creates road rage, as well
	as to not really make them PAY for what they have done.  
	getting to police involved, perhaps pressing charges, will 
	do more, imo.

 rocky mullin
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