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Re: Boxster brakes for 4KQ to be done....

actually, you might not have to wander for a week.  there's only a few cars
that had either 4x108 or 5x112.  

for the 4x108, besides the 4kq and 5k/100 thru '91, i think only a few
small/mid-size fords used this size.  whether or not they used 1"
ventilated rotors and of the right size, i'm not sure.

for the 5x112, you're just about as limited, with a few Mercedes (mid-80s
on 300E series, others?) and the VW Vanagon.  the Vanagon, i believe, has
only solid rotors fitted for 14" or 15" wheels, so those are likely out
(but if you're a Vanagon owner wanting to upgrade... :)

a few thoughts this morning.

At 09:07 AM 4/14/99 -0700, Brandon Hull wrote:
>>Now I need help and advice to identify a rotor that has:
>>1) the correct hub diamater for the 4KQ hubs for guaranteed perfect
>I suppose it's theoretically possible that somewhere, somehow, someone made
>a rotor that would fit all these criteria, but every other aftermarket brake
>kit I've seen or heard of (Mov'it, Todd C's, TAP's, 2B, Scott J., Mark N.)
>uses an off-the-shelf racing rotor (or stock 2-piece rotor, in the case of
>the porsche big red conversion) mated to a custom machined aluminum hat.
>Truesports, and probably other racing shops, will be happy to make you a
>rotor with integral hat to your specs, at a cost of $500/per.
>Finding an ideal stock rotor would be wonderful, but whew!  A week's
>wandering in an imported car junk yard might be the only way...
>Love the idea of the Boxter monoblock caliper, though.
>Brandon Hull
>'91 ersatz S2, stock brakes