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Re: The Buzzing Bees

I have an '88 5kcstqw with 204k that I've owned for the last 23k and my bee has been buzzing the entire time that I've had it.  I don't know if I'm driving on borrowed time or not.....also don't know if its the original pump or not.  Please let me know what you decide to do!!!

>>> Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman@theestopinalgroup.com> 04/14 1:05 PM >>>
Well, as if my ur-Q problems weren't enough...

I've meant to ask about this sooner, but I've been listening to the buzzing
bee in the back
of my 86 5ktq for about a year now. I figure that probably puts me in
double-overtime w/r/t
the likelyhood of fuel pump failure, but I want to be sure...

Are there two different pumps, one noisier than the other? Seems like I
remember something
like that, a Pierburg vs. Bosch comparison. 

I've heard other people describe the sound of the dying pump as an angry
bee. This one 
does not sound angry, just "busy". But I'm assuming all I should hear from
the pump is
the smooth hiss of white noise.

Assuming I do need to order a pump pronto, does anyone know whether TPC
carries just
one brand, or do I have a choice I have to make? If a choice, is there much
difference in
the prices? How about longevity?

Lastly, should I try to have a nearly empty tank when I undertake the
replacement? And
are there any gotchas or BTDTs that aren't covered by Bentley?

As always, Thanks in Advance...  -doug q