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re Jamex Strut Bar Install (Ur-q)

Sonar465@aol.com asked:

I received my strut bar the other day (thanks John) and I have a few 

1.  Did I read in the last couple weeks that the strut tower on the Ur-q is 
double walled?  If that is true is there a space between the walls?  How do 
you go about preventing the two walls from "crushing" inwards?
On the 90q it is double walled.  When you drill it you will see why it is
unkikely to collapse; the double wall ends about where the hole is placed.
It may be very difficult to drill the hole accurately.
2.	In all the excitement of getting my new wheels I did not look at the

underside of the strut tower to see what has to be moved out of the way to 
get to the fasteners for the brace.  Do I have to drop the struts out of the

towers to get at them.  Will this change the camber?
As I recall, the bolt head is next to the strut bearing, and the nuts are in
the engine compartment.  Ideally, the strut bearing fits back the same way,
so there would be no change.  However, pretensioning the bar could have a
small effect.  
3.	I am curious as to how to adjust the bar.  Being a sailor I am very 
use to tuning a boats mast by adjusting the shrouds to change the tension.
would not think that you would want to "preload" the bar.
When I bought mine from Rick Schwalenberg, he recalled that in his
experience outward pressure rather than inward tension was marginally
better.  I don't recall a theoretical reason for this.  

                .... Kirby   (Kirby A. Smith)
                              2.6 x 1988 90q
                          New Hampshire USA