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bzzzzz.....MAKE IT STOP!

I dunno 'bout yer buzzing, but here's my latest buzz (with the car, not
last Sat. night...)

My '87 5kcstq had the Audi Humm.  It is usually debris flaking off the
inside of the fuel tank getting caught in the fuel filter screen, making
the fuel passing by recreate those long, grass whistles from camping,
'member those?  Or, it's a bad fuel pump.

My mechanic said, "If it's the original one, replace it."  My car has
130k. mi.  "But the buzz will return.  Don't worry about it when it

So I replaced it, and expect a future buzz.  This Sat. night, actually.

Regarding my acting:

I didn't sell out.
I bought in.
Chris Dyer, Sony Development
(818) 525-2488