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1988 Audi 80 Brakes...and more

I own a 1988 Audi 80 FWD.  I am looking to do a good front brake+rotor
conversion.  I have the stock units on now and the rotors are getting
more warped with every hard drive.  I am replacing the stock wheels with
16x7.5" borbett type T wheels.  I am wondering what the best
caliper+rotor combo is that would have a good OEM fit in those 16
inchers.  I have heard of a 996 Porsche conversion (318x33mm), a company
called MovIt makes a kit to fit the brakes.  Ever heard of it?  Although
that would be nice(expensive), I was wondering what brakes are stock on
a 90 20V?  Are they better than my stock front units? Are they easily
Next question, anyone ever had a problem with an Automatic 80 series car
surging slightly when decelerating, say when the Tachometer hits 15 it
bounces up to 20 two or three times before dropping down to idle.
Replaced most of the fuel system and fuel system has been checked in
every way possible except for vacuum leaks.  Please help, that has been
the only elusive problem with my car since I bought it.

Alexander van Gerbig
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