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RE: after-run wiring

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> How
> do I approach relplacing the two wire loom sensor to
> "who-knows-where"?
> Thanks for the help,
> Dave

Hi, Dave...

If the wire is simply separated at the connector, I'd just replace that
and forget about the rest.  If you cut back a couple inches from the
connector, you should take care of any oxidation or other crud that's
accumulated inside the insulation.  You should be able to find a
replacement connector at an electronics shop (best) or NAPA store; I'd
stay away from those you find at places like Auto Zone.  If you feel the
need, you could solder it as well.

(This is all assuming I've understood your problem correctly, of course.
As I understand it, the wire has corroded at the sensor itself, and the
problem doesn't lie with the sensor.)

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