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Re: 5k/2c wheels

Martin Pajak wrote:
> A friend of mine is running S4 rims on his 1986 5000 turbo.I think they are
> ET40 (?) and 16x8".
> He has Yoko AVS 205/50 16 on those rims.
> No rubbing whatsoever with stock height suspension.

Yes, that would probably work on my lowered 200q as well, but I wouldn't
205/50-16 tires on an 8" wide wheel on my street car.  Reduces ride
much more prone to be scraped up.  I would, however, use 8" wide wheels
225 tires.  Also, 205/50-16 is not as good a match in terms of RPM as
the 205/
55-16, if you care about speedo error (the lower gearing would be a plus
in my