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97 A4 cracked windshield & other problems

    My moms A4 cracked the windshield.  The dealer told her to bring it
in to see if it was a "stress crack."  It started at the bottom in the
middle of the passenger wiper.  It went up 10".  There was no chips in
it, but they told her it was stone damage (B.S.).  She has glass
coverage on her insurance so they paid for it.  Its driven like its a
btcc car.  We all have lead feet in my family and it has Yokohama 520's
on it   : )
    It looked to me like it was a stress crack, but the dealer didn't
think so.  Another thing is that it has squeaky front suspension.  The
right squeaked, they replaced a clip ?!? and when we got it back the
right was fine but the left squeaked.  They said they've been having
problems with these clips.  Its going in for service again.  Are these
two things common problems?