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RE: "Alternative" - Jamex Strut Bar Install ALL Models!

The main problem with drilling through the 2 steel walls, is they
are at different angles to each other, and you need to be very
precise, good with a drill, and have excellent "hand-eye coordination"!

An "alternative" (better)method of installing the front strut brace, instead
of drilling holes through the 2 walls of the strut assembly, is........

Have 4 studs "welded" in place of, and only drill through the outer
steel wall! (The hole is used to align and hold the studs for welding)

This is exactly how I installed the one on my CGT!

Its a simple procedure to accomplish with any ordinary MIG
welder. (Wal-Mart Special-$199) The steel is thick enough, and welds rather
nicely! (Good German steel !!)

Use a moist towel to protect engine components and fenders from weld sparks,
and Walla!  Get a set of "factory looking" STUDS for
ye new strut brace!

Add a dab of paint, and its definitely a "Professional-looking" job!

Plus all the post removing and installing can be done from under the hood!
No need to jack the car, and stick and arm in the fender to hold a bolt