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Re: dielectric grease (was-Re: horn ring lube)

In a message dated 4/15/99 4:35:08 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
orin@wolfenet.com writes:

 Let's look inside a switch or connector with contacts, some of wich
 will make contact and some of which should not.  This is where we
 use the 'dielectric' grease.  We definitely do not want it to conduct
 between contact that are supposed to be open, but we DO want a connection
 between contacts that are in contact.  It's quite simple, the grease is
 an insulator, but gets displaced between contacts that are _supposed_
 to conduct such that they are in contact and conduct.  It still acts
 as an insulator between these and adjacent contacts.  It also prevents
 contamination and/or corrosion of the contacts and even lubricates
 them as they slide over each other.
Well said Orin......Well said.