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Bosch wires bad? Silber plugs?

I ordered a set of Kingsborne wires from GPR yesterday for $35 yesterday.
They claim that they are good wires, using the original terminal ends and
Packard wire. They claim "like a lifetime waaranty on them".

1. Anyone experience these wires? I had a set of these on my car when I
bought them, but they were no good. I converted back to the 84 turbo setup
because I have the parts from my old school.

2. The sales rep said the Bosch wires are really bad quality and fail
frequently. Is this true?

3 Where can I find Silber plugs for a reasonable price? Of all the plugs
I've used, Bosch Silber (Silver) have been the best, but it seems that
noone carries them. I've used NGK tri's, Bosch tris, and Plats.

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