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RE: Advice on Bilsteings for quattros?

Mine's probably a minority opinion, but I prefer the HDs to the Sports. I've
had both on my S4, although the Sports lasted less than a month, before I
decided they were too rough on the local pavements.

The sports are definitely better in terms of maintaining traction, but they
are also significantly harsher on imperfect roads. Still, the HDs are
significantly better in terms of handling than the stock shocks, even though
I am still running with the stock springs.

'94 S4

> From: owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net
> [mailto:owner-quattro@coimbra.ans.net]On Behalf Of James A. Desveaux
> Does anyone have any experience or strong or weak opinions on Bilstein HDs
> (non-sport Bilsteins) for the S4/S6, or other quattros, for that matter?
> just got a price from GPR, and the Bilsteins are less expensive than I
> thought.  I've got no beef with Boge, but the aftermarket ones we can get
> reasonable prices are the same for all S4/S6 applications, while Audi used
> different spring rates and valving (apparently) for different years.  That
> being the case, perhaps Bilstein is a better choice??