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Re: 4000 turbo rotors

Yes you are missing the fact that the alternatives are not easy.  As the
previous posts prove there is no direct fit rotor to solve this problem and
the caliper mounting nuts are welded on to the strut.  We do have new struts
being prepped to fix this problem but it takes time and lots of $$$.  It
would have cost half if it had been done properly to begin with.

I also did not mean what they did was neccesarilly criminal, it is that they
actually charged for it.  Not a little either.

Do you have an option to do it the right way?

Pat (always open for suggestions)

>> > MAJOR.  I thought we were going to reach the inner liner by the time we
>> > far enough away to reach in with a feeler guage and got .0025.  I just
>> > Pets bearings stay tight.
> Am I reading right?  It was criminal what the brothers did, yet
>continued to do the same thing?  It seems to say that you also ground down
>the ball joints instead of doing it the right way.  The logic does not
>seem to line up.  If there was such a better way to do it, how come you
>did'nt when you had the chance.. Am I missing something here???
>86 coupt GT