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RE: Eurolight Relay Harness: Other Source(s)??

Uhh yea the connections are the same but having done or participated in
about 5 conversions I can tell you they are wired differently.  Cant
actually remember which but I think the low and High are swapped so you
need to switch them or your highs will be on with your lows and vice
	If you do a 9007 conversion on a 4kq OTOH then its the ground and
the (yellow?) wire that need swapping.  Maybe the white one but I cant
remember.  But for the H4's going from Sealed I'm pretty sure its just a
swap for High/low (yellow/white).   I actually have a quick disconnect
adaptor I use to show friends that are skeptical  I plug an H4 in and put
in the adaptor (Two H4 plugs in line to swap it over) and then next week
they are running with 4 new lights. :-)

>>everything works, since the pinout between an H4 and a sealed beam
>>headlight are not the same.
>Can't say on your vehicle but on my UrQ the sealed beam and H4
>connections were the same, while the H1 was not.


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