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RE: After run pump, set up

Did I not say that in my post..........shame on me......I apologize, and
will kick my self in the ass 4 times later.........
Yes it is the opposite and no, you don't have to install it upside
down.........just remove the bolts the hold the pump on (real easy) and
rotate the pump the correct way, If I can do it, you sure can............
Let me know if you need any more info.
Sorry again.........

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As I was flipping through Scott Mo.'s page the other day I came across a
diagram showing the directional flow of the coolant.  It appears to run
clockwise (facing the car), as such I guess I should be thankful that the
new afterrun pump is not wired in yet. From the info that Shogun sent it
appears the pump flow from left to right (wiring facing you), this would
seem opposite of the Audi system flow.  Do I take it that I need to install
the pump lying on its back (flat side up)?