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re: CV Joint Replacement

Greg asks...
>Is the 12 point tool required to remove the bolts from the inner CV flange
called a "triple square"?  
Yes...and the size depends on which car.
5K takes a 10mm
4k takes an 8 mm

>Are there any good Internet sources for this tool? 

Look for brand name Lisle in many discount type car parts stores.
They sell these packed three sizes to a card for about $10.
I think it has 6, 8, and 10 mm on it.
After trying to corner a Snap-On dealer for a long time I finally found
these at CarQuest.  
They appear to be good quality.  I've done several axle shaft R&R's with
them and they still look pretty good.
The counter guy said he never heard of triple square.  When I described
what I was looking for in more detail he said something like..."all we have
is these here pointy things for VW's"...and pointed to the card which was
labelled "Triple Square"!

Dave C.

Columbus, OH 

87 5KS 
89 100E 
86 4KQ