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Re: CGT rant- front end clunk

Michael Williams wrote:
> DGraber460@aol.com decided to speak these words:
> >Well folks, the winner has been disqualified. Replaced the front wheel
> >bearings and _still_ have the infamous _clunk_! I have never been so
> >frustrated or puzzled by anything mechanical. Electrical-yes, mechanical --
> >no. I was considering replacing the strut cartridges while it was apart. The
> >machine shop broke their pipe wrench trying to remove the retaining cap nut,
> >and suggested I cut it off. I tried later with a bigger pipe wrench and
> >cheater pipe; broke my wrench also.
> I wonder if maybe the strut cartriges are moving inside of the strut
> housing.  What kind are in there, do you know?
> hmm...its possible that they are too small or dont have a spacer or
> something...

BTST. What has happened is the last place to put in struts put the wrong
ones in. They tightened the strut housing as tight as possible, but
since the strut is incorrectly shorter than the tube, no matter how
tight it is, it will still rattle. They knew it when the put them in,
otherwise why would they have tightened them so much?