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Ronal 5 Spoke Wheels Cheap

Hi all:

Stopped by the local new and OE wheel place after physical therapy today,
in the off chance that they had some Fuchs that needed a home.  No such luck.

However, they did have a used set of four Ronal 5 spoke rims that were
listed for a Mercedes application.  Didn't spot a model number on them, but
they were used on alot of the mid to late 80's tuner Mercedes, you'd know
'em if you saw them.  Anyway, they were listed as 16 x 8 with a 5 x 112
bolt pattern, and cast into the back of the rim was ET 11, so I knew it
wouldn't fit my 5KTQ. 

Reason I'm posting this is mebbe they would fit a Ur Q, and at $100 for the
whole set, might be a good set for wheels for track use _IF_ they fit.
Kinda of grungy with grey centers, but look like they'd clean up okay.
Would have to be checked for straightness.

Anybody ever tried a Mercedes application on a Ur-Q?  For anyone
interested, they are located at Metro Wheels in Atlanta, GA, (770) 423-0440.

-Steve Jensen
(now crutchless and at the mercy of Leslie, the physical therapist)
87 5KCSTQ begging to be driven!