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Re: Magnecor wires, cont.

> As far as I could tell, most or all of them were arcing.  To 
> restate the original post:  The insulator on the distributor 
> end of each wire _barely_ covered the brass connector beneath.  
> The stock insulators, by contrast, extend about 3/4" longer 
> onto the wire.  I believe that current was leaping through 
> what is, in microscopic terms, a huge gap.

For clarification, was the gap between the boot and the 
distributor or between the boot and the actual wire? (I assume 
the latter.) I haven't noticed any problems with mine, and I 
spent quite a bit of time at full throttle and redline at Little 
Talladega. Could you see the wire through the gap? I'm wondering 
if you got a defective set, or if they were stretched by someone 
along the line. Maybe one of their tests is to pull on the each 
end of the wire to make sure the boots are securely connected. 
Yours may have been bad enough to loosen the connectors, but not 
fully come apart during the test. In any case, it's definitely 
an unacceptable condition. I'll be checking mine as soon as I 
get my car back.

For your sake, I'm hoping that they just got caught in the tax 
season postal rush, and will arrive eventually, but that one's 
wearing kinda thin at this point.

Eric Renneisen
'90 CQ 20V  -  my 'racing-iron'  ;^)
Chattanooga, TN