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front end...

Hey Dennis,

I am sorry to hear the bearing didn't do it... Two comments:

1. In our case, the clunk didn't disappear _right away_ when whatever was
responsible for it got fixed ( either the bearing  or the bushings or the
combination of the two, cannot tell because they were replaced very close
in time). The bearing that I replaced appeared to be on the non-clunking
side. The clunk gradually got less and less frequent and went away
completely only  in a few months. I was somewhat puzzled and told myself
that  the suspension needed to be settled by driving, I don't know if this
makes sense or not, but that's been our experience.

Can you reproduce the clunk with the car not moving? Then the thing to do
might be to find an imspection pit and get an assistant to turn the wheel
while you put your hands on every single piece of in the front end. You
should be able to feel the parts recoil when the clunk occurs.