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Re: Magnecor wires, cont.

>For clarification, was the gap between the boot and the
>distributor or between the boot and the actual wire? (I assume
>the latter.)

Correct, between boot and wire.  If you used a thumbnail to lift away the
edge of the boot, you saw that the brass connector was right there.

>Talladega. Could you see the wire through the gap? I'm

No.  But the boot overlapped only about 1mm onto the wire.

>if you got a defective set, or if they were stretched by someone
>along the line.

Actually, I wondered if for some reason the insulator shrunk, ie, once upon
a time it may have covered 5-6mm of the wire, but with heat (or cold?)
shrank so it only covered 1mm.

As for defective, that is my working hypothesis, specifically that this was
the wrong sized boot for the connector.

>For your sake, I'm hoping that they just got caught in the tax
>season postal rush, and will arrive eventually, but that one's
>wearing kinda thin at this point.

I'm just beside myself.  Why we even have a Federal post office is beyond

Brandon H.