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RE: V8 Closed loop problem...

Sounds to me like  a bad Oxygen sensor. It warms up and then tries to depend
on bad O2 signal and leans its self out too much.

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		From:	Arryn Milne [mailto:amilne@ups.com]
		Sent:	Thursday, April 15, 1999 7:18 PM
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		Subject:	V8 Closed loop problem...

		Hi Folks,

		Dad has a V8 that runs fine while the engine was cool (maybe
the first 5
		minutes), but once it warms up (and I assume flips over to
closed loop)
		starts running rough and then dies, even working the
throttle manually
		doesn't seem to help.

		The car has been out of service for a while as the timing
belt broke and
		Dad put a new engine in.  Just a reminder, when it's cold,
it runs

		Any help would be appreciated,

		Arryn Milne

		Metro DC - TSG
		United Parcel Service