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RE: Audi parts for sale dirt cheap

What model 93 quattro sedan? 80, 90, 100, S4?

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		Sent:	Friday, April 16, 1999 10:57 AM
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		Subject:	Audi parts for sale dirt cheap

		I've got some bits for sale, all of it will be dirt cheap,
you pay for 
		postage.  All parts are from a 93 quattro sedan.  I can send
photos of any of 
		it via email:

		Parts include:

		Trunk wiring harness
		all the plastic (hard) parts form the interior, all gray.
		center console (gray)
		interior door handles
		passenger side front and rear door panels
		rear bumper
		rear bumper cover
		front bumper cover
		steering wheel without center section
		sunroof switch/light/sensor panel
		door insulation panels
		and more
		email me with specific needs and I'll get pics to you.