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Re: Smoking dashes...

	there's some guys in our neighborhood that are
	really into smoking dashes.  they are pretty 
	much losers who hang out doing nothing all day 
	except smoking dashes.  i hear this is really
	addictive and it's definately unhealthy.  also
	there are rumors that a couple of them actually
	steal things to support their habit.

	just thought i'd send along a warning.  most 
	people start innocently enough, sort of a "sure,
	why not" to an offer at a party.  they start with
	something really mellow, say an old honda civic
	dash, and before they know it it takes the 
	likes of a 200tqw or mb500sel to get them off. 
	it's pretty sad!

 rocky mullin
 two strokes are faster than four!
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