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Re: Gauges? I need some

Auto Avionics(800) 334-4913.

>stinkin' gauges.
>Hello all,
>I am getting ready to do some high altitude R&D work specifically for high
>boost applications on the RS2 equipped AAN motor. As part of this it was
>highly recommended that I get my hands on a...
>100 inches of hg. manifold pressure gauge, from a airplane instrumentation
>I haven't the first clue where to find this so I am looking to my q-head
>brethren for some direction. So, any suggestions as to where I can pick
>something like that up (a matching EGT gauge would be nice too), especially
>via the web, would be greatly appreciated.
>I am also interested in checking out the Auto Avionics line of gauges, can
>anyone point me in the right direction?