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Re: Don't get mad, get even.


 What you say is absolutely true and if we all abide by this simple 
philosophy, these road rage things will almost be a treat for us ! 
(are you SURE you want to do that, sir?!?) If any of you want to do a 
little reading about revenge, I suggest a little reading (FOR 
EDUCATIONAL PURPOSES ONLY) any book by a fellow named George Hayduke. 
Terribly funny stuff. Now I don't recommend all these antics, because 
some of these are ILLEGAL, but it is at least funny reading to hear 
what people come up with. Like I said, FUNNY STUFF!!!!! 
 I do believe in not letting your emotions run your actions, so this 
stuff you did was creative, and VERY effective in getting those who 
are a risk to us and other drivers off these wonderful roads of ours! 
Way to go, and let this be a sort of message to all of us!
 Travis E  Augusta, Ga 
 85 4000s quattro (trial by fire, literally)

>From: Mike Arman <armanmik@n-jcenter.com>
>To: <quattro@coimbra.ans.net>
>Subject: Don't get mad, get even.
>Date: Wed, 14 Apr 1999 09:01:56
>Since I don't (and won't) carry a gun while driving, I need to 
>different methods of dealing with moron drivers "out there".
>I liked Igor K's cell phone solution, but I don't carry one of those, 
>99.99% of the time, I just ignore automotive stupidity - if I 
responded to
>EVERY instance, I'd be upset all the time - and life is too short for 
>But there *are* times that revenge can be sweet indeed. Here's three
>examples over a period of five years.
>Idiot #1 in a Blazer decided he was NOT going to let me into the 
right lane
>- I slowed down, he slowed down, I speeded up, he speeded up. 
Finally, I
>got behind him - and he's got a vanity plate with his name on it! 
What a
>I simply looked him up in the local phone book, and son-of-a-gun, 
there he
>is, "Joe and Anne Moron", complete with their address. No, I didn't 
>visit him. But about a week later I did send him a nice X-rated 
>along the lines of "Hey tiger, I really enjoyed the other night with 
>and your Blazer; we should do that again sometime soon", and signed 
it "Hot
>Lips Helen". I presume he had some long and difficult explaining to 
do to
>Anne . . . Postcard cost me 20 cents to mail.
>Idiot #2 I got mad at. He backed into my parked car (luckily not the 
>and drives off giving me the finger. Don't these fools realize 
there's a
>license plate on their cars? I then ran his tag number through an 
>database I have access to - and it told me EVERYTHING - name, 
address, auto
>insurance company, real estate owned, mortgage companies, 
>licenses, vehicles owned . . . and social security number.
>Knowledge is power.
>"Dear (insurance company), please cancel policy number xxxxx on my 
>Wartwagon. Thank you, A. Schmuck, social security number etc." This 
cost me
>a whole 30 cents to mail.
>Well, the state of Florida takes a dim view of driving around without
>insurance, and they ALWAYS send a very nasty letter demanding your 
>plates RIGHT NOW if you don't have insurance. They'll come get you, 
>After getting over the shock of getting this letter, he probably had 
>stroke when the insurance company said "Well sir, we have your letter 
>here canceling your insurance . . . "
>I'm sure he's still trying to straighten out the paperwork, buy new
>insurance, placate the MVB - and in a few months, I just might send 
>same letter to his homeowner's insurance company, and see how his 
>company likes it.
>Idiot #3, driving an S-10 pickup truck, decided HE was going first, 
and of
>course slowed down when the road narrowed. Then he threw a beer can 
out the
>window (he missed). I got his license plate, backed off, and phoned a
>friend of mine in the local Sheriff's department. Seems that 
"Throwing an
>object or missile from a moving vehicle" is a FELONY - a few 
signatures and
>statements later, and I *know* that idiot is walking, and will be for 
>while. Any idea of the legal costs involved in defending a felony?
>Another lister cautioned against taking these clowns on head first - 
>said that you cannot know the enemy's resources and intentions. I 
>1,000 percent with that. What these nincompoops don't realize is that 
>license plate tells who they are! Once you know who they are, and 
>making sure that they never find out who you are, the enemy can't 
know YOUR
>intentions or resources - and you can make their miserable little 
lives a
>little more so.
>Best Regards,
>Mike (don't tread on me) Arman ;-)

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