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Re: battery theory (NIL Audi content)

Haven't looked inside a CO lately, but the RBOC I work for has been
sealed batteries for backup power in their subscriber carrier systems
years.  I also know a lot of guys who have gel batteries (complete with
bogus Lucas decals) in their British cars. (mandatory automobile

> From: John Cunningham <johnc@together.net>
> Subject: Re: battery theory (NIL Audi content)
> hmmm - a CO with sealed batts?  cool, i guess.  i used to work for a LEC
> (rural and not exactly on the cutting edge however) and all the lead/acids
> they had were classic huge glass 'jars' as you say, but all relatively
> open-air, with the big bottle of acid and protective gear on the wall for
> maintenance. hmmm again... makes me wonder how safe it was back in the
> step-switch days when sparks had to be flying everywhere...
> "Christopher P. Locke" wrote:
> >
> > about a telephone office blowing up due to explosive gasses?  The
> > batteries we have in the offices are the size of college refrigerators,
> > and there are sometimes HUNDREDS of batteries in one room.  It's not as
> > bad as it used to be, battery and charger technologies as of late (last
> > 25 years) have come a long way, and are much safer than they used to
> > be.
> > chris locke 86 4kcstq