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5K Window Switches/Wiring

On my 86 5KCSTQW I've got a typical window problem.  From the drivers
switches, all the windows work fine.  From the back and passenger door
switches none of  the windows will budge.

Since all is OK from the driver's switches, I've surmised that the
motors and wiring is AOK (as I recall from the last time, the electrical
path is thru the door switches then to the motor, so if the driver side
switch works up and down, then the wire connections must be ok.  But
it's been a while since I poured over the bentley electrical charts, so
pls correct me if I am wrong)

My assumption now is that the various local switches must be
non-functioning due to lack of use.

Can any BTDT's tell me if I am on the right track, and if there is a
"cleaning" method that works for these switches?