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Re:Bilsteins vs BOGE

You wrote:

>The longest I have had a set of Boge's last was little over a year!
>No "Life time warranty" either!

>Moral of the story:  Bilsteins cost more but they last longer, and have a
>warranty.  Boge's are a fair, low cost alternative with lowcost longevity.

Beg to differ here.

I've had the Boge Pro-Gas/stock springs on my 200TQ for over 2 years
now. The car has seen the Watkins Glen and the Lime Rock Q-club events.
They last well and I am generally happy with them (the bang for the buck
factor is good). Not to devalue the Bilsteins tho (which will go into my
S6 BTW).

My Boge also carry the lifetime replacement warranty.

Igor Kessel
Three turbo quattros