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KS info

Early V6 owners,

Here is the real scoop as per Audi:

1993 cars:  '93 100s and 90s get the recall in the mail. The cars come in. 
If the injs in the car have BLACK tops, the plastic area where the wire
plugs in is BLACK, they DO NOT get new injs.
 If the '93 100 or 90 has GREY tops, they get replaced.  So for '93 the
color determined whether or not you owners get new injs or not.

For those with '92s, does your car have black injs?   If they do that could
explain why you are exempt from the recall.  

1994-95 90s, Cabs, 100s, A6s get new injs.   BTW, these cars have grey injs
and the replacements are grey too.

I hope this clears up some questions