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Thanks so much to all that responded to my query.

And thanks too to Orin for pointing out why I am looking for such a gauge.
My current VDO pressure boost pressure gauge is a 0-30 psig unit and since I
am at altitude I want to make sure I know what is going on and that is why I
am looking for an absolute gauge.

My current Hoppen Stage III (full boat RS2 setup) system will spike the
boost to 30 psig and then taper off to between 26 to 28 psig. Doing the math
for the RS2 turbo at my altitude and I am WAAAAYYYY off the compressor
efficiency map. In order to get back into the compressor's efficiency range
I need to limit boost to 22.5 psig (once again at my altitude, approx. 5,500
feet). Hence why I am in R&D, hence why I want an absolute gauge.

Thanks again
> What do you need this kind of pressure for?  This is up over 3
> atmospheres!  like up about 50 psi!  what you doing????????

They are usually absolute pressure guages, ie atmospheric at
sea level reads around 30".  Put another way, 1bar boost, 2bar
absolute is around 60" hg.  Using a 100" guage isn't unreasonable IMO.