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1995 A6 timing belt

Tech question:
                        I have a 1995 A6 (56,000 ml) and just had the
injector recall done. while thre car was at the dealership they "noticed"
two other problems. One was a faulty cat converter which the repaired under
warranty. The second was a loose timing belt. They said they could hear the
belt hitting the plastic cover. I could not reproduce this sound in my
garrage. I have heard of this model throwing belts at about 60k. Has any
one else heard of this before. I know that this is an interference head and
do not want to crash the motor. I am usd to the 100k timing belt intrval
onthe 5000's. Also is there a way to inspect the timing belt. What are the
warning signs of a faulty belt. Also if anyone has replaced the timing belt
on an A6 I would like to hear from you, as I will probably try to do this
on my own, I am beginning to wonder if I should have gotten rid of my 5000